Casa Grey serves to curate high-end creative collaborations through prints, apparel, and other items made available in limited release.

These collaborations will exist as one-of-a-kind works of art in partnership with Genesis.

A word from Genesis

I‘ve always wanted to discover new places to push these abstract thoughts, this poetry, these mantras I’ve dedicated my life to exploring. This started in middle school, but professionally around 2011, ghost writing for various artist in the music industry and gradually progressed & evolved with my spirit, into something whole. Something in line with my internal compass, as a poet, a fine artist, a human being learning to become intoxicated on the very air I breathe. The phenomenal artist & fashion icon Audrey Schilt suggested I put a name to what it was I found myself creating. I started calling my style, PoAnguardia. It’s a poetic (and/or abstract) way of expressing new thresholds unfolding in the internal or external, through fine art. Conflating the word Poem or Poesia & Avanguardia. I won’t ramble here too much, I just wanted to say most of all ~ thank you 🙂

I hope you enjoy my humble offerings and that it finds you exploring!

genesis the greykid