Casa Grey serves to curate high-end creative collaborations through prints, apparel, and other items made available in limited release.

These collaborations will exist as one-of-a-kind works of art in partnership with Genesis.

A word:

Casa Grey was founded by Genesis the Greykid and Kevin Thomson early 2018. It started through a love for beauty, an appreciation for the power in memory, and love, all fueled in a little frustration. They worked around a lot of talented people...many being friends, some are creatives we've never met, but in either case there was always a tremendous amount of "otherness"...a "texture" almost in the air.

In these environments they never really took pictures (no one wants to be that guy lol). So these magical, creative moments, these "memories full of texture" would always vanish after the one-off was completed (be it an album, an exhibition, a building, a cause, clothes, didn't matter). There was so much lost in the making of the product, Kev and Gen felt like those "moments" should live on their own, as works of art.

This thought first came in 2018, as Genesis puts it, "we could of launched then, but wanted to take our time to ensure it was done with the utmost attention to detail and not just extra stuff for the sake of more/extra. But rather, treating these fleeting moments that are incredibly important to the sum, with the honor it deserves. We've sat with some of the best in their industry, and also some unknown creative giants that prefer the shadows. Using these moments as the fuel, creating artistic memories that can be collected for the many that may never find themselves in such rooms." Whether that expression comes out as a very very limited edition signed print, handmade boots from Spain painted, or any other beautiful thing we're excited to share with you. We hope you enjoy our humble offering.