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Beautiful Shoes. Bold Styles.

Handmade in Europe by experienced artisans, every pair is made with precision, patience and decades of experience. 

In a world of poorly made shoes, TAFT products are built to last. Every pair is hand-cut and Blake-stitched using vegetable-tanned leathers from top European tanneries and mills. Your shoes will look beautiful right out of the box, and for years to come.

"When I'm creating, I feel in harmony with something divine...a reflection of something buried in me, buried in all of us. The reminder of this usually left on my clothes, my hands, and my shoes. After traveling around the country by train & boot (4 times), painting in abandoned buildings and luxurious private studios, from Skid Row in LA to The Hamptons in NY, i started to notice a common thread. My boots were always stained in the mystery, the love, the pain, stained in the laughs from creating the day before...which would for some reason, almost create a bridge between the strangers I met traveling and myself. One of them told me 'the skeleton to any good poem, any good painting, is truth'. A lot of that 'truth is what stains my boots when I create. And now, we offer this to you 🙏🏾"

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All TAFT boots are handmade in Spain. Once you select your boot TAFT will ship them to Genesis studio, in which he will wear them while creating (allow 1 - 2 weeks), then Casa Grey will ship the finished boot to your address.